Residence Permit TIME LINE

Applicant should normally be receiving the residency card no longer than 8 to 12 weeks from the day of applying. To ensure an expeditious processing of the application, from pre-screening to final documentation, our team would advise the applicant/s of the following time line.



After signing the reservation form, our lawyer will draft a Power of Attorney that the investor must sign at a Greek Commission at the investors country of residence.
The investor can apply for in-house finance at this stage.



Once our lawyer receives the Power of Attorney, we will proceed to acquire a Greek tax number for the investor. It is mandatory to have a Greek tax number to purchase property in Greece.
It is not a must, since we can provide ALL the services and do the entire process without the investor needing to come to Greece.
It is optional for the investor, either to come to Greece or to sign a Power of Attorney to our lawyer. Such a Power of Attorney must be signed at the Greek commission at the country of residence of the investor.



At this stage we will open a bank account for the investor at a bank in Greece. The payment for the property must be made from a bank account in Greece in the name of the investor, according to Greek law.
The investor will receive feedback on his application for in-house finance – if applied.



The investor shall transfer the funds to his account in Greece.
If in-house finance is approved, we will transfer the financed amount to the investors account.
We will prepare all the relevant documents and contracts and book a time for the property transfer.



Once we receive the title deed, we can submit the applications for Golden Visa for all applicants.



Once the application is approved, we will receive the residence permits and send them by courier to the investor.

  • The Residencycards and National ID’sareissued to you via courieronce the balance of professional fees has beenpaid and settled.
  • The granting of residencepermits is at the sole discretion of the Greek Government but, generally, the application is onlydeniedif the due diligence revealsthat the applicant has made false statements in the application forms or othersubmitteddocuments; has engaged in criminalactivities or is under investigation in relation to criminalactivities; or has (or is alleged to have been) engaged in or associated with anyactivitythatwould bring disrepute to Greece.

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