Greece residents permits are the first step to obtaining a Greek passport as part of the Greek Golden Visa.

Investors seeking the Greece Residency should invest at least a €250,000 in real estate. Not only this programme offers the lowest cost residency in Europe but also is one of the fastest too as you can get issued your residency card in less than 12 weeks. To know more, download our Guide here.

Residence Permit for Real Estate Owners

For categories of the beneficiaries of this new type of residence permit, for third country citizens, for a period of five years.

Preconditions for Residence Permit for Real Estate Owners

The following conditions must be fulfilled to receive a residence permit:

• Investing €250,000 in real property.
• Apply with all the right documents.

Duration and Preconditions for renewal of Residence Permit

Greece residents permits can, and may, be renewed, for the same duration and for as many times as the applicant deems so. The following condition must be met:
• Real estate property must remain in the ownership and possession for the applicant.

Residence Permit Benefits

Countless benefits with a minimal investment of €250,000:

Travel to all the 26 States part of the Schengen Area.
Apply for your children, parents and spouse's parents.
No taxation on foreign income or salary out side Greece.
Receive your residency card in less than 12 weeks.
No minimum stay
You are not required to live in Greece prior, during or after the application.
Older children can apply
Children up to 21 years old are included in family application.
Minimum invest of € 250,000
Lowest cost residency in Europe with the best benefits.
Upgrade to Greek citizenship
After (7) years of residency, investor can apply for the Greek citizenship.

Greece Residence Permits Process

These are the steps in the process for issuance of a  Greece residents permits for real estate owners:

Issuing an entry Visa for Greek Territory.

Sign a Power of Attorney issued to our lawyer at a Greek mission at your country of residence. Our lawyers will immediately after receiving the signed and legalized Power of Attorney start preparing all the needed documents

Applicants for a residence permit for real estate owners must provide the following:
  • Two copies of the application.
  • Three (3) recent color photos.
  • Certified true copy of a valid passport.
  • An international health insurance that covers Greece.
Submitting the Documents.

Once our lawyers and chartered accountants have prepared all the documents, the documents will be submitted to the relevant authorities and they will book time at the designated Notary to do the property transfer.

Procedures until the final issuing of the permit.

Once we have the title deed ready in the investors name, our lawyers will submit the application for Golden Visa for the investor and his family.

When the Golden Visa residency permit(s) are received, we will ship them by courier to the investor.

We can offer property management services to the investor (if desired).